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Fine Art, Jewelry and Ephemera Lead Schwenke Annual Spring F… — September 8, 2015

Fine Art, Jewelry and Ephemera Lead Schwenke Annual Spring F…

“The next auction is an on-site sale in Ulster county, New York, featuring the lifetime collection of David L. Bronson. Please watch the firm’s website at for information on this exciting sale.”

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Bold gold jewelry is back in style — September 7, 2015

Bold gold jewelry is back in style

“Sally Morrison, managing director of jewelry for the World Gold Council, has noticed a trend toward stronger yellow gold looks among independent designers. It’s also present on fashion runways, red carpets, and at carriage-trade houses such as H. Stern and Cartier, all of which are driving consumer interest. The jewelry market still drives the biggest demand for gold, according to the World Gold Council’s 2014 Gold Demand Trends report, and last year’s U.S. jewelry sales were fueled by improved economic performance.”

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The Very Best Tips On Selling Jewelry — September 6, 2015

The Very Best Tips On Selling Jewelry

These days, it seems as though it is always a buyer’s market. From cars to homes and all things in between, shoppers have their pick of the litter. When the time comes to sell your precious gems, you want to make sure they get the most exposure; how do you do this? Here are a few ways to get your jewelry out of the box and into the hands of new owners.

The first step to selling your fine jewelry is to understand what it is worth. Attempting to price your items prior to knowing what they cost can be annoying and somewhat impossible to do. Once you are armed with this information, then you’ll have a better idea of what a potential buyer is willing to pay. At this point, you may be thinking that you should get your jewelry appraised. Even though that may appear to be a fantastic idea, you shouldn’t forget about the market price. There’s a difference between an appraised value and market value. The latter is a lot more valid in determining actual value while the former isn’t the most accurate indicator of what your jewelry is worth.

It is best to seek out the services of an independent appraiser if you would like the most correct assessment of your items. Unlike a retailer, a professional operating independently will not have any interest in your jewelry that would result in either an inflated or marginally lower price. You can be confident that you’ll get the most accurate valuation from an appraiser.

Once you are aware of what your items are worth, the next step to selling jewelry is trying to figure out the logistics. When you put your items on the market, there are different methods you can make use of. To increase likelihood of finding a potential buyer, you can use a number of methods concurrently or you can opt to focus on just one way of selling. Beginning with people you know is always one of the best resources. It can be very fruitful and also cost-effective in terms of advertising, to reach out to family, friends, and colleagues.

You should find out what a few retail jewelry stores are willing to spend to purchase your pieces once you have spread the word. Quite a few retail outlets are regulated by the state and are required to be licensed, particularly if they purchase jewelry from the public; this is great news. Whether over the phone or through email prior to visiting their locations in person, you can ordinarily obtain tentative offers from these companies. However, since jewelry stores must put up the majority of the cash to complete the sale, you most likely won’t get the full price of your items.

If the intention is to try and recoup as much of the value for your items as possible, the internet may be a viable option since you get to list the exact price. You’ll get the most exposure with the least amount of effort using this method. You need to find out if any of the sites charge additional fees that are subtracted at the time of the sale so it is very important that you do your research.

For complete security and protection for selling jewelry, you might want to elect a certified jewelry buyer with an established place of business. These professionals are much better equipped to handle every part of the process from the valuation to the sale, giving you peace of mind and cash in hand.

The most effective website around that makes selling jewelry simple and profitable will be Gray & Sons. For additional information on Gray & Sons, visit their web page at

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Make A Personal Style Statement With Vintage Jewelry —

Make A Personal Style Statement With Vintage Jewelry

The proper accessories, unlike any other addition to the ensemble you are choosing for the day, will give you an extra bit of pop. Scarves and belts may be functional and funky, but it’s hard to top the personal fashion statement one gets from wearing vintage jewelry. These unique pieces, like broaches, necklaces or eye-catching rings, can demonstrate the wearer’s fashion point of view, show an appreciation for classic designs or perhaps serve as a conversation starter with a stranger in the coffee shop.

What Exactly Qualifies as “Vintage”?

It is sometimes difficult to know how the word vintage relates specifically to jewelry given that its meaning can be rather broad. When describing jewelry, the waters can be further muddied using similar terms such as “antique” and “estate.” “Vintage” normally refers to an item that is more in the range of 50 years old, while “antique” is generally used for items that are at least 100 years old. The latter also likely means the jewelry has been owned by somebody else, making it also fall into the “estate” category.

However, it’s important to note that “vintage” can mean different things to different people. The term could refer to an item clearly tied to a certain design style, for instance Mid-Century, but not a specific age as some would say. Before claiming an item is vintage or before buying jewelry labeled as such, it is crucial that one determines a piece’s era.

How To Locate High Quality Pieces

It is always a great idea to do a little research prior to handing over money for a piece of jewelry as is the truth with any preowned item. Knowing specific designers’ marks or a company’s icon can be helpful, as is a having a basic understanding of the styles from various eras. If an item’s patina or gem-setting method can help peg it to a time frame, it’s ideal to be able to identify those traits.

If a store is displaying five rings of the identical style, those are new pieces rather than vintage because preowned jewelry usually is one of a kind. Although a piece may look old, it might have been manufactured a week ago and treated to look aged.

The ability to show that their jewelry isn’t just authentically vintage as well as that gemstones or metals on the pieces are genuine is common among respected sellers. Prior to making a purchase, buyers should not hesitate to ask questions.

Jewelry Care Suggestions

For individuals who wish to wear vintage jewelry on a regular basis, it’s essential to store and clean the collection properly. All pieces should be arranged so that they aren’t bumping into or scratching one another, and any items that are strung, for instance pearl necklaces or jewelry with beading, should lie flat in order to prevent stretching. High heat and moisture also are to be avoided since they can cause glues to break down or metals to pit. Jewelry should be removed before one uses household cleaning chemicals.

There are several jewelry cleaners that may be utilized on vintage items. Glass cleaner, if used carefully, is acceptable too. Regardless which is used, jewelry should be completely dry before it is tucked into its storage pouch or a curio cabinet.

Stylish, classic items are an ideal addition to any jewelry wardrobe. Owners can enjoy their unique statement pieces for many years when they know characteristics, shop prudently and take good care of items.

Find affordable prices on vintage jewelry that is still fashionable once you shop at Gray & Sons. Go to for much more information about Gray & Sons.

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