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The Fun And Profit That Comes From Selling Jewelry — October 16, 2015

The Fun And Profit That Comes From Selling Jewelry

Is jewelry your passion? Perhaps your keen eye and discriminating taste has earned you a reputation among your friends. It can be fulfilling to mix and match your own pieces, even when it’s just for everyday wear. You need to put those talents to work if you want a reward that also results in a fat bank account. It’s easy to sell jewelry for both fun and profit; all it takes is a bit of sleuthing and a lot of collecting.

Determining What to Sell

Like wine, fine jewelry gets better over time. Finding these neglected treasures, however, calls for some skill and more than a little know-how. When you begin selecting pieces with the intention of reselling, there are several dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

To start with, look for quality. Pieces that are made of silver and gold retain their value well because they are ageless. Diamonds, whether loose or in engagement rings or earrings, can get a nice profit. You should also consider craftsmanship beyond the jewels and metals. You have to learn how to evaluate how a piece was constructed as fine jewelry is almost always well-crafted.

Research is also important. It is crucial that you learn how to recognize a precious jewel among a sea of fakes. Ask for a certificate of authenticity or an appraisal if in doubt. Although it’s wise to reserve appraisal fees for those really special finds, don’t rule out the usefulness of having a specialist look at a piece.

Rings and necklaces should not be the only things you look for. Secondhand watches which are of high-quality are in demand too. A bit of research into popular brands and their price tags will pay dividends when you spy a steal in a display case.

Starting the Search

The obvious starting place is your own jewelry box. You have most probably accumulated quite a collection after all. There are probably some forgotten treasures hidden in drawers just waiting for a new home; over time your tastes may have changed and it’s very easy to pick up a piece or two that failed to become favorites.

Broaden the hunt once you have sorted through your own collection. Estate sales are great hunting ground. Be sure you look at the auction descriptions carefully and look online for upcoming sales. Sales that include various high-ticket items such as vehicles or farm equipment can be great choices because most people aren’t there looking to score jewelry. Also, don’t rule out area thrift stores, especially in affluent areas. Occasionally, there are excellent finds: a unique, vintage brooch or a beautiful pendant can result in a high resell value.


Once you’ve amassed an inventory, it’s time for you to find a buyer. Do a quick search on the internet or scan the yellow pages to find potential customers. One good option is jewelry stores. In addition to lines of new wedding bands, many stores also keep an inventory of high-quality used pieces. Pawn shops also commonly buy watches, engagement and wedding rings, and gold. Consignment shops are a great choice for costume jewelry and more fashionable pieces. For specialty items which are difficult to place with a store, try taking out an ad. To capture the buyer’s attention, make sure to include a picture.

Become a Jewelry Salesperson

You can create a profit-making enterprise from a love of all things shiny. With a little luck and a lot of searching, anybody with a good eye can sell jewelry. You may find perfect vintage locket that you just can’t live without; the possibilities are limitless.

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Choose Your One Of A Kind Engagement Ring Through Estate Jewelry — October 12, 2015

Choose Your One Of A Kind Engagement Ring Through Estate Jewelry

Quality should be one of the first things you look for when choosing an engagement ring for a loved one. Estate jewelry offers a much more economical way to get a high quality, timeless piece of art that will testify to your lifetime commitment. The highlight of purchasing antique jewelry is the story that accompanies it, although getting a good deal is appealing too.

As our culture is pushed more in the direction of strip malls and cookie-cutter mementos, putting in the time to find something meaningful for your future spouse adds a sense of thoughtfulness and care. The unique nature of a piece of jewelry is hard to duplicate, but recreating its history is virtually impossible. Almost every vintage engagement ring is accompanied by rich history and a deep sense of commitment. Handed down for generations, a majority of these pieces are more than 100 years old.

If you opt to purchase an estate engagement ring, the first thing you should do is decide on a budget. The cost is likely dependent on the centerpiece, size of the stone and its quality. To get an idea of prices and styles you may be interested in, you can look at auction websites and visiting some local antique shops. Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victorian eras are where the latest popular styles are coming from.

You need to be open to diverse options while exploring the world of engagement rings and their styles. A wider variety of colored stones for you to choose from is provided by older styles. At times called cocktail rings or right hand rings, many of these pieces were primarily worn only for special occasions. After trying on several styles, you may surprise yourself and decide on something you hadn’t even considered before.

When looking at the price of the diamond, whether it’s modern or vintage, you should consider the size, the quality and the cut of the stone. The newer diamonds have maximized brilliance and shine because, with time, cutting techniques and tools have vastly improved. Diamonds with older cut styles, such as cushion-cut and pear-shaped, are rarely on the market and therefore are highly coveted. Like some couples, you might choose a larger diamond, but of lower quality, in order to remain within your set budget. Ensure that you read the gemological report, which will list the technical details about the stone’s quality, if you choose a fairly expensive piece of jewelry.

To create your perfect ring, you may want to piece it together. Purchasing two rings and making use of the setting from one and the diamonds from the other or bringing in your own centerpiece is acceptable. For those who want to add their creativity into the process, this is an extremely tempting option. You should be careful of mismatching the eras if you choose to take this path. A modern-cut stone will probably look out of place in a vintage setting for example.

Selecting a ring with precious stones is a big investment. Estate jewelry can offer a fairly inexpensive and highly meaningful option for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. When looking for your antique piece, small shops and internet stores offer expert opinions and helpful pointers on the styles of the setting as well as the stone. The stress of selecting a ring to symbolize your relationship is something that the experts understand. To ensure you receive the respect you deserve, they will go at your pace and guide you.

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CEO Tim Cook Finally Explains Why Apple Released a Gold iPhone — October 7, 2015

CEO Tim Cook Finally Explains Why Apple Released a Gold iPhone


“In an interview with the Chinese-language version of Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that China played a huge role in Apple’s decision to introduce a gold iPhone. The gold color is considered lucky in China and is hugely popular in the greater China region, which is now Apple’s second largest market for iPhone sales.”

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Reasons To Sell Your Jewelry — October 6, 2015

Reasons To Sell Your Jewelry

Financial gain alone isn’t necessarily the main reason why people opt to sell their precious and expensive jewelry which may be contrary to popular belief. In most instances, jewelry is linked with significant relationships and quite often conjures up feelings and memories that may not always be pleasant. In those cases, it is not too uncommon for someone to ponder the question “Should I sell my jewelry?” You might want to let a certain piece of jewelry go if the memory attached to that particular item is just too painful to want to keep it.

Maybe your tastes have changed or evolved to exclude that particular style; this is one more reason that people often want to sell their jewelry. Perhaps your old jewelry is gold, but now you’ve gained a greater appreciation for platinum or silver. Or maybe you have gravitated towards a more sophisticated look or more ethnic motif designs, but you have a number of cute charm bracelets that suited your taste back in college. If your taste in jewelry isn’t currently reflected in what you own, it might be time for a makeover in that department.

There are actually various other times that people ask themselves “Shall I sell my jewelry?” The fact that it’s just not being worn anymore is one good reason. It could be that you like to follow several fashion trends, or perhaps you don’t follow any trends at all. A person may not even think about putting on earrings or bracelets prior to leaving the house depending on how busy their lifestyle is. The chances you will start wearing something again that you have not worn in a long time is pretty slim. That is why it is a wise course of action to sell items that someone else would want and get good use out of.

Trading jewelry for either goods or services is yet another option. Perhaps there is a piece of art you wish to purchase from an independent dealer who takes jewelry as a form of payment. If your jewelry is valuable enough and is worth the cost of an item you wish to purchase, then bartering could be an option. If you have no emotional ties to the piece of jewelry and it is just sitting in your jewelry box gathering dust, this can be especially beneficial. You can keep your money in the bank and still have the freedom to get the items you want if you utilize this resourceful course of action.

In addition, there businesses that will buy it from you to either repair to resell, or to melt down and make something new if you have jewelry that is broken or does not function properly anymore. This option makes sense when you compare the cost to repair that necklace or bracelet versus the cost of purchasing those items new. These are great answers to that plaguing question “Should I sell my jewelry?”

Finally, a great reason to let a piece of jewelry go is if you’re gifting it to someone who could actually benefit from having it. Maybe the piece is an heirloom that you would like to pass on to another generation. It may be that a member of your family is graduating from college or getting married. This results in new and pleasant memories when you see it again as well as makes you feel really good because you are giving something valuable to a loved one.

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